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New Podcast: What Do Dating And Sales Have In Common?

March 29, 2021
Tina Gray and Janelle Holden – Founders, DeFY Sales and hosts of the Juicy Closers Podcast

A lot, actually! Dating and sales both require the same fundamental skills and techniques to be successful! The difference is just that sales, you are trying to convince the other person that they need the product or service you are selling. While in dating, you aim to convince the other person that what they need is you!

Tina Gray and Janelle Holden are the founders of DeFY Sales – business coaches, and sales experts. For their podcast, Juicy Closers, they talked with Katie Chen, the owner of Catch Matchmaking in Los Angeles about what salespeople can learn from daters, and vice versa.

Listen to this 35-minute episode to learn all about it!

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