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Demolished: LACMA, One Of The Greatest Dating Spots Facing Uncertain Future

September 30, 2020

The Los Angeles County Museum of Art (“LACMA”), the largest art museum in the Western U.S., has always been on our list of most recommended dating spots in America. Besides the spectacular art on display, it had several options to socialize, eat and have drinks. LACMA also featured movies, concerts and special events, an outdoor garden area and a spacious patio to sit and talk. 

A Twitter user posted this sad video of the entrance’s destruction.

Although the teardown and replacement with an entirely new campus has been talked about since 2013, many believed it would never happen. From its inception, the project has been mired in controversy – and it still is. For instance, the money hasn’t been raised yet, the once planned subway connection has apparently been nixed, and there are serious questions about the practical of the new display spaces. And, the new galleries will not be nearly enough to display the entire collection, which means: more rotating (and more expensive) exhibits. 

Worst of all is perhaps that due to the COVID closure, we didn’t even get to say good-bye, and the destruction of the old campus went nearly unnoticed – while the plans and opening date for what’s to come on the site are nebulous at best. 

Here is a recent account of LACMA’S demolition.

By the way, we have compiled a few dating ideas, some of which combine outdoors activities with art and culture.

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